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Dry Ideas
Tea from the world's most southern tea fields
Tea from Tasmania's only tea garden
Cool climate tea


Loose Dry Ideas Green Tea

Dry Ideas is Australias oldest commercial grower and processor of Japanese green tea having imported the plants from Japan in 1990. Our property, in the Huon region in southern Tasmania enjoys the cool temperate climate ideal for producing supreme quality leaves. The young shoots are plucked when they are tender, succulent and packed with wonderful flavour. In order to maintain the flavour the leaf is processed within a few hours of picking and then gently dried in the special system developed by Dry Ideas. Dry ideas produces both black and green tea.

When brewed correctly our green tea has a fresh clean taste and is of low astringency with no bitter notes. Over-heating the water and over-brewing can result in bitterness which can be very off putting. Our jars provide instructions to help you brew the perfect cup.

Green tea is a delicious and healthy drink to enjoy any time. In summer I keep a jug of refreshing iced green tea in the fridge.

Our black tea is harvested in a similar manner to the green tea, however after harvest it is left a few days then it is crushed and allowed to oxidise (ferment) prior to drying in specially constructed driers. Our black tea has a rich flavour with aroma and flavour reminiscent of roasted nuts. As there is little astringency this is a lovely tea to drink black as milk is not needed to bind to tannins.

No pesticides are used in the production of our tea and we are certified pesticide free. Our irrigation is pumped by solar energy and are driers are solar powered to reduce our carbon footprint.

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