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Staff of Scientific Horticulture and Dry Ideas

Dr Gordon Brown, MSc(Agr), PhD, DipEd(Tech).   

Dr Brown is a director and the principal research scientist of the company.  He has a Masters degree in Agriculture from the University of Sydney, a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Western Sydney and a graduate diploma in education from the Institute of Technical and Adult Teacher Education.  Dr Brown has over 30 years of experience in Horticultural research and education. Prior to Scientific Horticulture Pty Ltd he has held full time positions with Universities (in both Sydney and Tasmania), a chemical company (Roche Maag) and Government Departments (TAFE in Tasmania and NSW and Tasmanian Agriculture).  His research activities have included air pollution effects on fruit crops, nutrition of horticultural crops, pesticides for horticultural crops, products to improve fruit quality, many postharvest activities, replanting disorders, market access, processing options and improving nursery tree quality.  Although Dr Brown’s speciality area is in postharvest horticulture he has a broad understanding of tree fruit production and commonly advises and is involved in production related issues and research including insurance claims and legal proceedings.  Dr Brown is a member of the International Society for Horticultural Science and the Australian Society of Horticultural Science.  He has a wide, international network of peers.  Dr Brown is also one of the owners of Dry Ideas, which is concerned with the production of tea in the worlds most southern tea fields. Dr Brown is on the board of directors of Oak Tasmania, a dissabilities services organisation which operate Australias largest pome and stone fruit nursery.

Mrs Jane Brown, MSc(Ed)   

Jane is one of the owners of Dry ideas and a director of Scientific Horticulture where she provides valuable advice and assistance on food related issues related to fruit production and processing.  Mrs Brown has a Bachelor of Education degree specialising in food and nutrition and holds a Masters degree in Science Education through Curtin University.  She has over 30 years of experience in food research, education and training which includes food assessment, product and recipe development, consumer acceptance trials, development of new food processes and food training.  Mrs Brown is formally trained in developing and implementing food safety procedures (HACCP).  She has held positions and contracts with overseas companies, Australian companies including Woolworths, food and nutrition organisations such as the National Heart Foundation, at the University of Tasmania in their Menzies Centre for Population Health Research and Government Departments.


Other personal as required.    Being a small private company Scientific Horticulture can respond quickly to employment needs such that temporary employees with useful skills and or qualifications are quickly employed as required.


Other Companies as required.    Scientific Horticulture utilizes other companies and government agencies to provide associated specialised professional assistance.

Attention to detail officer.   

 Scientific Horticulture and Dry Ideas employ a special officer to ensure that every detail of a project is studied in great detail; Her name is Miffy.