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Arakai Estate has been producing tea for a few years and they are Australia's most recent commercial tea growers. They utilize a method of production that they observed in Taiwan so class their tea as 'influenced by the Taiwan style'.

This 2016/2017 summer harvest tea is a beautifully presented dry leaf with even long black / dark green curly leaves with a mild grassy aroma. They produce a delicate pale green tea that has a mown grass aroma with a hint of Nori desired in premium green teas. Upon tasting a vegetal, perhaps bean sprout flavour can also be detected further adding to the complexity of this outstanding tea. This is definitely a savoury green tea with plenty of back of pallet flavour and low levels of sweetness. There is a long, lingering, silky mouth feel. This is a tea that would be excellent paired with seafood, chicken or vegetarian dishes.

Take the time to properly prepare this tea and you will find it lifts the spirit, refreshes the pallet and brings a sense of relaxation and contentment.

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