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Tassie-T Huon Green 50g

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Grown on the edge of the Huon Valley where the platypus swim and the native hens roam.

We have been growing this tea for over 20 years and have developed our own style to create a smooth, easy to drink green tea.

The dry leaf is a mid green colour and contains a mixture of broken leaf material giving a vegetal aroma of dry tree leaves and flowers. In the brewed form the liquor has a subtle, grassy, minty aroma that is also apparent in the flavour, giving a refreshing, cleansing experience when consumed. This is a low astringency tea with no apparent bitterness often found with green teas.

Drink it hot in the evening with spicy food or over ice on a long hot summers day. The healthy alternative to canned or bottled drinks at a fraction of the cost.

Extremely relaxing.

State award for Delicious magazine 2016

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