Australian grown tea


Arakai Estate

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The 56ha Arakai estate has been owned by the Collins family since 1999 and has been operated as a mixed species rainforest timber with a small avocado operation.

When Brendon and his wife Kristie took over the farm they looked for an alternative crop to fit in with the properties existing activities. After watching a landline program on the ABC they decided to start growing tea. Good elevation & rainfall, fertile soils with the correct acidity and a desire to do something different all contributed to a successful trial plantation.  Over 3 years they planted out 1Ha with 12,500 tea plants that included 6 different Japanese green tea varieties from which they produce both green tea and black tea.  The plantation now has over 5km of hedges that are meticulously maintained to allow for machine harvesting of the freshest tips.
Arakai Estate
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Qld Arakai Green 50g
Deliciously fresh

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Qld Arakai Black 50g
Relaxes and revitalises