Australian grown tea



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Queensland, the most northern state of Australia with its summer dominant rainfall and world heritage tropical forests it is often called a tropical paradise.

With 6000km of coastline, the Great Barrier Reef and the tourism mechas of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Queensland is well known for its relaxed coastal lifestyle.

But dig a little deeper and you find it also has the worlds oldest rainforests, some extremely fertile soil and a really vibrant horticulture industry.

With a climate more akin to traditional tea growing areas such as Assam its no wonder Queensland was home to Australia's first tea plantation in the 1890's.

This was based on tea plants native to Assam in India and the teas produced in Queensland during the 20th century were dominantly traditional black tea typical of black tea produced in India. These plantations, including Nerada, Daintree tree and Nucifora are based in the north of the state. More recently Arakai has established in southern Queensland using tea plants native to China normally used for green tea.
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