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Dry Ideas

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Dry Ideas is Australia's oldest commercial green tea plantation, using Japanese green tea plants, in Australia. The first tea field was planted in 1996 and tea was being sold in 2000.

Gordon and Jane are both passionate about tea. Gordon developed a love of the crop as a research scientist with the Department of Agriculture in the early 1990’s when he was commissioned to look into the potential of Japanese green tea as a new crop in Tasmania. He spent time learning growing and processing techniques in Shizuoka, Japan which enabled him to set up an experimental processing plant in Tasmania. The knowledge he acquired in Japan helped in building the Dry Ideas processing plant using off-the-shelf equipment he modified to perform the essential steps.

Jane’s working life has involved education and research in food science and nutrition, she is also one quarter Japanese. Becoming a tea grower has therefore formed a rewarding link with her heritage as well as an an opportunity to use her skills.

Both Jane and Gordon believe that Tasmania can offer ideal Tea growing conditions. At 43˚S Dry Ideas is the world’s most southern tea. Being an island, Tasmania’s isolation provides a uniquely pest-free environment, resulting in pesticide-free products. Initially the garden was focused on green tea but more recently black tea and oolong tea have been added to their range.

The air is clean and fresh. Water comes from natural springs and solar power is used to irrigate and power the processing plant. Dry Ideas tea gardens nestle in the foothills of the Huon Valley sharing their home with Tasmanian fauna– wallaby, bandicoot, echidna, platypus and many birds including native hen. How could tea, nurtured in such a sustainable environment and tenderly processed, not be good for you?
Dry Ideas
Tassie-T Huon Green 50g Image

Tassie-T Huon Green 50g
Yum Yum oh so refreshing

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Tassie-T Huon Black 50g
Ohh so smooth no need to add milk to this one.

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Tassie-T HuonOolong 50g
Delight in a cup