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Tasmania is Australia's most Southern tea growing region and produces cool climate tea.

Tasmania has some of the world’s most unspoilt locations boasting pristine wilderness, rugged mountain ranges, clean sandy beaches, breathtaking scenery and unique flora and fauna. The mild maritime climate with plenty of rainfall and fertile farming soils are ideal for the growth of many unusual crops.

Tasmania’s compact size, stunning gourmet food and cool climate produce, unhurried lifestyle, refreshing climate and relaxed and welcoming locals combine to attract novel and unusual food enthusiasts intent on creating bespoke food and beverages.

Throw in an extraordinary restaurant scene, where talented chefs do their thing with some of best local raw ingredients has aided in the development of a dynamic, innovative food culture where growers can try new products and consumers can savour their delights.

Tasmania was the first state in Australia to import Japanese green tea plants and there is only one commercial tea plantation operating in the state.
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