Australian grown tea


Australian Grown Tea

We specialise in bringing to you only single origin tea that has been grown and processed in Australia. All our teas are Australian grown. No tea presented on this store has been blended with tea grown in other countries.

Our tea growing environment
Australia's exciting range of climates from tropical to cool climate rainforests are ideal for growing both green and black tea. The clean air and prestine environments are perfect for the production of delicious and nutritional teas. Australia's geographic isolation and stringent quarantine practices mean that there are no major tea pests and diseases, as found in most other tea growing regions of the world. Hence while pesticide usage is necessary in most global tea growing regions, in Australia tea gardens are not usually sprayed with any pesticides making Australian tea truely pesticide free and healthy to drink.

Our mission
Australian green tea production is in its infancy and there are many exciting and enthusiastic small niche growers who hand craft and market their tea. We bring these together in one online store for your enjoyment and through our tasting notes we help you choose and purchase your exclusive single origin green and black Australian grown tea.

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We use cellulose based packaged, no plastics used.
International customers welcome subject to import restrictions

Tassie-T Huon Green 50g Image


Tassie-T Huon Green 50g
Yum Yum oh so refreshing

Tassie-T Huon Black 50g Image


Tassie-T Huon Black 50g
Ohh so smooth no need to add milk to this one.

Tassie-T HuonOolong 50g Image


Tassie-T HuonOolong 50g
Delight in a cup

Qld Daintree Black 50g Image


Qld Daintree Black 50g
From the most northern tea planting in Australia

Qld Arakai Green 50g Image


Qld Arakai Green 50g
Deliciously fresh

Qld Arakai Black 50g Image


Qld Arakai Black 50g
Relaxes and revitalises

Vic Two Rivers Sencha 50g Image